About WriteSomething

What the heck is this thing?

WriteSomething is an interactive space where dozens, maybe hundreds, of people join together to, well, write something. We give you a title and a workspace and you fill in the rest. The story this year is called The Abominable Snowkitten. We’d tell you what it’s about, but that’s your job.

It is rad, thanks. It’s also fun, and totally free. You get a chance to be creative and flex your writing muscles. WriteSomething was created by the team at Berman Advertising in support of 826 Boston, a nonprofit that promotes literacy by giving kids the chance to write and be heard.

Who helps write the story?

Anyone. Everyone. Your favorite author. Your tax accountant. The kid you babysit. Hopefully you. Maybe even Tom Hanks, if anyone has his email.

Okay, you got me. So what do I do?

Write a sentence, a paragraph, or finish out a chapter. Any contribution helps. Each chapter is a standalone adventure, so you don’t have to read that much to jump in. Just get started.

I’m allergic to fictional cats, so I can’t write anything. Can I still help out?

826 Boston survives on a mix of snowkitten stories and cold, hard cash. Give one, or both. You can donate to 826 Boston, or learn more about their volunteer opportunities. You’ll help spread the joy of writing just a little bit further.


Write Something